The need for the security has been one of the fundamental needs of humanity from the first man until today. Just like human beings and their needs, safety needs have changed and evolved over hundreds of years.

In the early years of humanity, safety was limited with life safety only,that, over time it stood out in different fields such as process and process equipment safety, urban areas safety, trade safety, etc.

Today, there is hardly an area where security is not needed. Therefore, the private security industry grows and develops everyday;the employment of the sector becomes prevalent and has a serious contribution to the economy.Nowadays, communication, technology and science develop rapidly and the fact that all the boundaries are eliminated; the security servicesare not a state monopoly anymore.

Private Security and Protection program aims to meet the gap of the industry by educating personnel who is up to date on technological developments, knows the legislations, and responsible.Those who graduate from this department may work in security units of the enterprises, in banks, financial companies, universities and various schools, municipalities, shopping malls, residential areas, hotels and entertainment centers as a security and protection personnel, as well as close protection for VIPs and private enterprises.

In our region, there is no actual education on private security and protection on a higher education level, and therefore Private Security and Protection Department of Salihli Vocational School provides a positive contribution to meet the needs of the sector.

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