Salihli Vocational School (SVS) was established in a temporary building at the city center of Salihli in 1993. In 1999, SVS moved to its own new building that has a campus area of 600 ha which has been afforesting since then and has amounted 9600 young tree in 2014. Campus is 7 kilometers far from the city and at the cross-road of Ankara and Alaşehir. With quadrangle blocs and an interior green garden, new building has been designed on the basis of essential requirements for peaceful educational environment. A hostel in the campus for 500 students is at service in 2013/14 academic year.

SVS has ten associate vocational programs that aiming to educate the students with the help of science and technology for preferred profession. Vocational programs in SVS are Local Governments, Foreign Trade, Marketing, Leather Technology, Computer Programming, Textile Technology and Fashion Design, Child Development, Private Security and Real Estate Agency. 

The programs in SVS have been running as formal and evening education for years. We have nearly 3000 students and 64 faculties. Education is maintained in 20 classes equipped with projection appliance for visual delivery of lectures. SVS has 3 computer laboratories, 3 ateliers for textile, fashion design and leather workings and 1 studio for fashion modeling. A movie lounge that equipped with visual and audial technology and with standard arm-chairs is at students’ service. There are spaces for club and social activities and a library for students, as well.



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Address   : TC CBU Salihli Vocational School  Ankara Asfaltı Salihli / Manisa / TURKEY

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